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Haven't posted here in a while, had a lot of other things going on. Not that anyone reads it except me but oh well, lol.

I'm watching a few different blouses and shirts on eBay to find one for my Emily costume, none are accurate, but the ones I'm looking at look like they'll do the job. I finally got my jacket sorted, I got a fake leather one, it's so comfortable, and the colour is right. All I need is to make the skirt which should happen sometime this week. Also, my hair hasn't grown in time for me to braid it, so I finally caved and bought myself a beautiful brunette wig

It's heat-proof so I'm thinking I might brush it out, pull it to the side to make a low braid. I'm naturally a brunette too, so it shouldn't look as odd as some of my other wigs do.

With Idris, we started sewing the top together, but have had to stop until the zips we've ordered have arrived. It's looking okay, not completely like I imagined but it'll have to do. This event is stressing me out enough as it is.

My competition costume is still inaccurate, but hopefully another listing I'm watching on eBay should pull through, to give me a defining piece for it. Hopefully.

My River wig is perfect, though it's losing it's poufy-ness being stuck in the bag. I might try and keep it out and somewhere safe so that the curls stop uncurling. The dress? Still not great. Really, it's a half-hearted attempt, but again, the event is stressing me out, so it's the least of my concerns right now.

I've also decided to pull out my Alice in Wonderland court dress out for MCM Expo next week. The problem being? The people who made it measured it completely wrong, and I'm only realising that now, so it's been far too long to send back for a refund. So instead, we're making a repatch job so I can wear it for at least this ONE event. The zips had to be removed and replaced (another we're waiting for), and I need to go out shopping tomorrow to find a red material similar to the dress to add to the back panels just so I can zip it up. I have a straight blonde wig that I'll wear to cover up the worst parts of the back, if I can be bothered. Really, as long as the dress looks good in the one photo I'm doing this for, I don't mind so much, I just don't want to have wasted £100 on a dress that I can never wear because the waist is way too small.
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TARDIS Dress: Might see if I can cut off some of the loose threads on it, to neaten it up a little.

Eleventh Doctor: I got my braces through today so it's complete now! My shirt looks a little too much Jack than 11, but I'm still happy with the overall look.

River: No more progress on her yet. I think my wig arrived today, I just need to go and pick it up hopefully tomorrow.

Competition: Nghhh... I hate this costume right now. The more I look at it, the less accurate it looks. All the colours are wrong, so I think I may need to rethink a lot of it. It's looking like a completely different character to the one it should be right now, but hopefully if I go with a different version, it might work out. I'll have to see. It'll all depend on funds leading up to Eleventh Hour.

Romana: I still need to get her jacket. I need a better wig than the one I have as I look far too masculine, but whether I'll go along with it in the end, I'm not sure.

Idris: I just finished sewing the colourful layers along the bottom, and it just needs to be attached. We've changed our plan with the top, we've got some new fabric (some thin curtain fabric) and a pattern to follow. Hopefully some of it'll get worked on this weekend at the latest.

Emily: We've got the fabric for the skirt, I still need to find a blouse, and a leather jacket which I'm struggling being settled with.
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I was finally able to get out and pick the material I need for the costume. The one I'm going for is the most prominent I can think of, considering it's her original outfit, and she wears it twice, both in S04E03 and S04E07.

This one.

We're on the hunt for a perfect jacket at the moment, and hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to find a white blouse. The necklace is going to just be the Primeval necklace I bought a few months ago - it looks a little rustic, and perfect for Emily.
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While none of the cuts have actually been made yet, a lot of today was dedicated to discussing how best to attach the different shades to the bottom of Idris' dress, working out how much the front needed to be turned up, and other technicalities like that. This is the base dress and skirt which is going to be built around;

The front of the skirt needs to be cut to approximately kneelength, and the dress is going to be cut into a point. Both pieces have a pattern on, but with the lace, it won't be noticeable.

Then, there's also been progress on competition costume - a piece I was looking forward to came, but on closer inspection, we found that it couldn't be dyed like we'd planned - so I'm faced with either making do, or buying a new one. The sad thing is it's PERFECT aside from the colour. I tried it all on together, the underneath isn't quite the right colour either, but this costume is more about making do.

The River dress also got another check today, just to see if the sides were truly too high to be considered to be worn. There were some stitches which shortened it that we took out, and once the sides have been stitched together, it should be wearable. On the safe side, I'm planning on wearing some short shorts underneath, so I shouldn't have any wardrobe malfunctions!
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We've finally found time to make a start on Idris today, and a refreshed look at the materials, I'm not feeling too great about putting it together. Despite all the reference pictures, the fabrics aren't enough of a match for me, but I think it's a case of making the best of a bad situation at the moment. My reference pictures have been a mixture of the actual dress, other people's Idris dresses, and a little creative license.

As you can see, at the moment it has a line running through it, and that was what put me off the material, but now we're unstitching that part (as you can see at the top), and it's looking a lot better now. The picture makes it look blacker than it actually is, but it's grey

These fabrics are the ones that are going to go under the bottom of the skirt (which is pre-bought and hanging up, I forgot to get a photo of it.

The colours don't look very accurate as far as some of the reference pictures I've seen, but on closer inspection, there is definitely a reddish/orange shade there. And then for the tie-around sash?

This is my favourite part at the moment, and hopefully once it's cut, it'll look great. For the thicker ties at the front, I'm planning on splitting it, and plaiting it tightly.

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